In October, 2016, Investors Associated purchased the 50 acres adjacent to the existing office buildings that it already owned in the High Crossings CorporDevelopment Layout Mapate Park …please check here for future developments taking place on this parcel of land.

The Park at High Crossing provides its tenants with a comfortable urban business environment without the urban congestion and cost. Sitting above Interstates 90 and 94, The Park at High Crossing has exposure to over 100,000 vehicles that pass this site daily on their way to St. Paul, Minneapolis, Chicago, Milwaukee, Madison and beyond. The subject project is positioned minutes from the Dane County Regional Airport, servicing daily flights by American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Frontier Airline and United Airlines.

Both employees and employers are attracted to the quality of life in the City of Madison, which has consistently received high ranks for its park system, healthy community, economic growth, and livability for young and old alike. Tenants of The Park at High Crossing have quick and easy access to Madison’s downtown district which provides a wide array of dining, music, sports and entertainment options.

Expanding employers who choose to call The Park at High Crossing home will have the opportunity to tap into the more than 43,000 students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, as well as Edgewood College and Madison Area Technical College. The City of Madison is one of the best educated cities in the State of Wisconsin, with approximately fifty-five (55%) percent of the City of Madison residents holding a Bachelor’s degree or higher.

Investors Associated has begun fulfilling its vision for creating a work-live-play destination in The Park at High Crossing. Investors Associated believes that a number of factors, including its plan to add additional commercial space, mixed-use space with a blend of neighborhood restaurants, local and national retail and a residential presence of up to 500 units at The Park at High Crossing, the approximately 800 residential units planned on the adjacent property and the anticipated expansion of Lien Road into downtown Madison, makes this location the place to be in the immediate future in Madison.

Review the attached brochure to learn more about this growing area – The Park Marketing Brochure


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