Investors Associated, LLP, is a commercial real estate partnership, formed in Wisconsin in the 1970s. Originally founded by a group of physicians to invest in their own clinics, the partnership has evolved to include non-physician partners and has grown to more than 100 partners in total. Investors Associated, LLP, maintains a unique real estate portfolio with a philosophy focused on long-term investment in high-quality, well-maintained buildings. While our primary focus is in the Madison area, Investors Associated, LLP, maintains properties across the country in both single-tenant and multi-tenant commercial office, multi-tenant residential, light manufacturing and retail buildings.

Based in Waukesha County and established by a close-knit group with Midwestern roots, Investors Associated, LLP, recognizes that the real estate in our portfolio represents more than an investment – each property represents a tenant’s business or a resident’s home. As such, Investors Associated, LLP, strives to develop and maintain our properties in a first-class manner, understanding that investment in our properties and the success of each tenant will result in a favorable return for our partners. The strategic plan of Investors Associated, LLP, calls for continued growth, with a focus on long-term investment in new and existing portfolio assets and to ultimately be a vibrant and contributing member of the communities in which we invest.

The Partnership is managed by its Executive Committee. The Executive Committee presently consists of five members who have general authority under the Partnership Agreement to manage the business and affairs of the Partnership.

To ensure that our properties are maintained to a high standard and that tenant’s expectations are exceeded, Investors Associated, LLP, has established our own management company, IA Management, LLC. The management team allows Investors Associated, LLP, to directly monitor and manage tenant retention, lease negotiation and property maintenance costs.

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