Our Mission
Preserving and enhancing our Partners investment by investing in quality real estate and developments with a focus on long term value.

Our Vision
To become a premiere national real estate investment portfolio and management company.

Investors Associated, LLP (“Investors Associated”) has a strategic plan for substantial growth in the future, with a focus on long-term investment in well-maintained properties. By strategically reinvesting its earnings into existing properties, as well as new opportunities, Investors Associated is able to grow more quickly than many of its competitors without raising additional capital.

Over a long horizon, Investors Associate has a goal of creating a cluster of properties in stable communities throughout the country. Creating a cluster of properties, or “hubs”, will allow Investors Associated to provide a variety of rental options for both new tenants and existing tenants. Investors Associated has begun the establishment of a hub in Madison, Wisconsin through acquisition and development of The Park at High Crossings. In 2016, Investors Associated purchased nine (9) multi-tenanted commercial office properties and fifty (50) acres of vacant land on the east side of Madison. The Park at High Crossing currently provides tenants with a comfortable urban business environment. In 2017, Investors Associated began its first development project located on the vacant land a five-story office building. Future development of the vacant land may include additional commercial space, mixed-use space with a blend of neighborhood restaurants, local and national retail and a residential presence of up to five hundred (500) units. This will ultimately create a live, work, play atmosphere for employees and employers. A rendering of the Park at High Crossing development is set out below.

In addition, Investors Associated intends on growing its management arm, IA Management, LLC, as these hubs are established. In-house management of the assets helps ensure that the properties are maintained to our standards, improves tenant satisfaction, and helps secure stable cash flow for additional future growth.

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